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Uses for Boric Acid
In a Nutshell





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"How toxic is boric acid?"

A figure known as the LD50 rating - a dose that would cause the deaths of 50 percent of a specific animal population.
One method used to determine the LD50 rating for most substances is via laboratory-controlled oral doses to rats.

The following table lists the LD50 (oral-rat) for several common substances as published by the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances.


(milligrams of dose/kg of body weight)
Aspirin 1,000
Boric Acid 2,660
Table Salt 3,000
Boron #10 3,500
Baking Soda 4,200
Grain Alcohol 14,000

Based on this data, boric acid and Boron No. 10 are not significantly different in toxicity than common table salt.
In addition, both boric acid and Boron No. 10 are less toxic than aspirin. The greater the LD50 rating the safer the substance is. When compared to these common household items, boric acid and Boron No. 10 are not particularly dangerous, and, if used properly, will not cause poisoning.

So are borates toxic?

Certainly, and so is virtually every and anything else you come in contact with. It is simply a matter of quantity.

If you believe aspirin or table salt is dangerous, poisonous or in some other way life threatening, then you probably should not use borates. If, on the other hand, you can rationally look at the comparative data, you will probably come to the conclusion that boric acid and Boron No. 10 are among the safest of choices


Borax can be obtained from K-mart stores that have a pharmacy, Walmart or your drugstore.
Some drugists won't sell borric acid for eye infections but will sell it for ant or cockroach infestations.
In bulk from any taxidermy supplier. Borax is used as a skin peserver Eg. bird mounts.
Baush & Lomb and others have eye washes that are made from guessed it.....Boric acid and sterile water. At a much higher cost. Look at the back of the eye wash labels next time you go to the store.

The Environmental Protection Agency has established that boric acid is benign.


Pharmacutical grade Boric Acid uses:

Eye Infections
1/4 tsp. boric acid powder
1/4 tsp. powdered golden seal
mix into 1 pint very hot water allow to cool and strain very carefully through cloth or coffee filter.
Make sure no fine granules are in the solution.
Wash eyes numerous times per day until infection is cleared up.

For cleaning up discharges from minor eye infections :
Mild boric acid solution, comprised of one teaspoon of boric acid dissolved in one quart of sterile (boiled) water, to wash eyes of infants.

Eye Irritations (including Pink Eye):
1 T. boric acid
4 oz. saline water (distilled and salt tablets or saline wash for contact users works well)
Flush eye several times daily.

Chickweed Oil mixed in place of Boric Acid works well also in place of each of these recipes.
Chickweed oil cost more but it's very effective and is wonderful full strength in ears for infection and iching.

Rabbit's very nasty ear infection but the bottle cautioned that it was carcinogenic.
The rabbit is still alive and has outlived its expectancy.

Flea infestations:
A Natural flea repellant sprinkling boric acid on all the carpets and furniture throughout the house, making sure to sprinkle under all furniture etc.
For tile, linoleum etc, Dissolve boric acid in water and wash all floors with it. Vacuum the boric acid up 24 hours later and it is said to prevent fleas for 1 year(from pest removal companies), or until your carpets are shampooed.

Sweaty Smelly Feet:
After washing your feet, apply the powder directly onto your feet

Swimmers Ear Drops:
1 T. boric acid
4 oz. distilled water
1 T. vinegar or alcohol
Drop in ears after swimming to destroy any fungus swimming may have caused. (Much cheaper than buying it or doctors visits)

Wound Care:
Get a little spray bottle
Mix boric acid to distilled water. (1/2 cup to gallon)
Spray on wounds for minor antibiodic care

Recurrent yeast infections:
Infections are gone within 24 hours. Purchase clear gel capsules (medium to large size) and fill with Boric Acid. Place in vagina two times a day.

Other Uses:
Boric acid and water in a 5 Gallon pail to soke work shirts in. It helps keep them from getting lots holes from welding sparks.

Scrap paper for home insulation contains about 5% boric acid as a flame retardant.

Properly treated cotton is self-extinguishing. Use of treated cotton batting in mattresses, futons and upholstered furniture significantly reduces the risk of injury because of its negligible burn factor and reduced emission of toxic fumes

Used to prepare B2O3. B2O3 melts at 450 C to a liquid which dissolves many metal oxides, so it's useful as a flux.

Preparing fiberglass and borosilicate glass (Pyrex).

Itching legs from chigger bugs


Mild antiseptic


Dust mites

Molds and/or mildews

Athletes foot

Toxicant for the house fly

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I make no guarantees.
This is simply a collection of information in the public domain.
Information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records, both ancient and modern .
Take everything you read here with a grain of salt and apply it to your own experience.
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